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Leaves be gone in Linthicum Heights MD

Fall is a time of year that people love to visit pumpkin patches and drink hot chocolate, but for many homeowners it can be a time of frustration.

Leaf removal in Linthicum Heights, MD is one of the services we offer because we know how frustrating it can be to take hours raking up a yard only to turn around and have to do it all over again the next day. Call us today at 443-QUALITY and let us help you with your leaf problem!

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Leaves are everywhere

Don’t get us wrong, we know the appeal of Fall and love how leaves look. We also know that most household rakes break easily and leave you with something that only picks up half the leaves in your yard. Our lawn pickup services in Linthicum Heights, MD take care of the problem for you so that you can enjoy all of the great things about the season.

Leaves aren’t the only things that fall from trees, though, and your yard can be filled with small nuts, acorns, or various debris from fallen branches.

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All of those are a part of our leaf removal services in Linthicum Heights, MD because we know that’s part of nature. If you want a one-time leaf pickup or have enough trees in your yard that you need it more often, call us at 443-QUALITY to get started fixing your yard.

Save yourself the stress

Whether it’s from pride or stubbornness, it can be tempting to try and tidy up your yard by yourself. We respect that, but a leaf blower can blow leaves around and just leave you frustrated. If that’s not bad enough, even if you do rake your yard and bag everything up you’re left with a bunch of heavy trash bags on your curb.

If you’ve done that before, you know how heavy or unsightly those bags can be and they might be there for a while before the next pickup. All of that can be taken care of when you call us at 443-QUALITY for our leaf removal services in Linthicum Heights, MD.

More than leaves

Even if you don’t mind the mud or dirt that usually comes with raking up piles of leaves, something that a lot of people don’t consider is what else might be in those piles. Leaves collect rainfall and water, which breeds mold and kills the grass or plants underneath. However, a pile of leaves can also become home to pests, insects, or even rodents.

If you don’t want to deal with the possibility of handling spiders, bugs, or even an opossum, that’s what we’re here for. Call us and we’ll take care of your leaf cleanup needs in Linthicum Heights, MD.

The service was outstanding. I got a personal plan developed that met my needs and budget.

Raleigh J. in Severn, MD

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Seasonal...or not

One thing we’ve noticed in the many years that we’ve been landscaping is that most people don’t offer leaf services throughout the year. While the Fall is a time when leaves are more problematic, anyone who has trees knows that leaves don’t block out dates on their calendars.

That’s why we offer our leaf removal services in Linthicum Heights, MD year round. If your lawn is covered in leaves or debris and you’re tired of looking at them, give us a call today.

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Leaves, branches, tree removal, stump grinding, whatever your landscaping needs, JDW Quality Landscape & Design offers a long list of services to give your curb appeal a boost. Whether you’re a commercial business or a homeowner, leaf removal in Linthicum Heights, MD is something we can definitely help you with so don’t hesitate to contact us now!



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