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Leaf it to Us in Elkridge MD

If you’re a homeowner, you may dread the Fall season because of all the leaves that come down. While everyone else enjoys it, you know how much work it takes to clear.

You’re not the only one, though, and we’re here to help! Leaf removal in Elkridge, MD is one of our many top-rated specialties, so you can reach out at 443-QUALITY to discuss all of your landscaping needs anytime!

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The Sky is Falling

While Chicken Little may have been eccentric, the leaves coming down aren’t always a good thing for your yard and it takes a lot of effort to keep up with how many fall. Worse yet, anything you don’t rake up is just more for the next day.

Unfortunately, even if you look outside and think it won’t be that hard, raking leaves can leave you sore and tired. It can be frustrating trying to use a weak rake on an entire yard only to turn around and see more leaves coming down.

glen burnie leaf removal

It’s okay to ask for help sometimes and we’re happy to offer our services throughout the year, because leaves don’t just come down in the Fall. We can work on a trial basis or set up scheduled maintenance, but give us a call today at 443-QUALITY to tell us what landscaping you need done on your property.

Save Your Earth

The soil in your yard needs water to survive and feed any plants you’re growing, so rainfall and dew are important to your ecosystem. What many homeowners don’t know is that a layer of leaves, especially brittle or dry ones, can absorb moisture and prevent it from getting below.

JDW Quality Landscape & Design has seen a lot of dead patches and wants to keep that from happening to you! Call 443-QUALITY and talk to us about your leaf removal in Elkridge, MD. There’s no time like the present and your yard will thank you for it.

Don't Let it Pile Up

If you’re still on the fence about calling us for a quote, consider this: What do dark, cozy spaces with moisture tend to attract? That’s exactly what a pile of leaves with stagnant water are and the answer is all kinds of things you might not want to deal with. Bacterial growth can lead to mold that spreads to your plant life, which can kill them. It also looks gross, but that’s not the end of your problems because small animals and insects can also call it home!

Pests, small vermin, spiders, tick, and even snakes could be hiding inside a pile of leaves. If that doesn’t sound like something you want on your property, since there might be more than one pile, give us a call about our leaf cleanup services in Elkridge, MD.

The service was outstanding. I got a personal plan developed that met my needs and budget.

Raleigh J. in Severn, MD

Call today to experience the JDW Quality and Design difference! Find out why “Quality” is our middle name!

The Eve of No Leaves in Elkridge, MD

There are a lot of reasons to want your lawn cleared of leaves besides the potential for mold or bugs. Sometimes it’s just about aesthetics and approachability, which is a major point for any business. Leaf pickup in Elkridge, MD means bringing back your curb appeal and giving a fresh overhaul to the outside.

One of the most important notes to add is that we’ve done this long enough to know leaves might not be your only problem. Among the many services we offer, we have the tools and gear to haul away fallen branches, leftover stumps, or even the tree that they came from!

leaf removal in glen burnie md

Whatever your yard needs done, from a residential lawn to commercial business maintenance, JDW Quality Landscape & Design has you covered, or uncovered as it might be. Call us today about your leaf removal needs in Elkridge, MD and let us put our years of expertise and lawncare knowledge to work for you!



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