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Get rid of leaves in Annapolis MD

For many, the Fall means pumpkin-spice and fresh air but it also means the trees produce an excess of leaves. That means more work to keep your yard clear of clutter.

If leaves are piling up, you’re not alone because we’re here for your leaf removal in Annapolis, MD. We offer several other landscaping opportunities as well, so call us today at 443-QUALITY and let us get to work for you.

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Leaf it to us

While it makes for some great backgrounds to take pictures with, the amount of leaves that fall can be overwhelming. Not only do they cover the ground, but leaves can clog your gutters and possibly cause damage to your property if left alone.

Leaves may not seem like much of a problem, but what if the cooler weather makes you sick or you don’t feel like dealing with the yard just to watch it get covered again in a matter of hours?

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There’s no reason that you should have to try and keep up with this problem yourself when hauling leaves is what we do. We also have options for people that want to just use our services as a trial to see how effective we are or want to bring us back repeatedly for upkeep. No matter which one you are, dial 443-QUALITY and give JDW Quality Landscape & Design a chance!

Yard safety

They might add color and bring a refreshing aesthetic to the world, but leaves can actually spell trouble for your yard. Dry leaves can be even worse, but the layer of leaves that cover your ground restricts rain from getting to the ground below. This can cause your yard to die underneath the leaves.

Whether you’re trying to grow a luscious, green lawn or just want to protect your soil, it’s important to reach out for your leaf removal in Annapolis, MD. Once you dial 443-QUALITY, you can discuss your needs and know that your yard is in the best hands.

No mold about it

One thing that a lot of homeowners may not think about is how moisture build-up can take place outside of your home. Mold doesn’t just form in bathtubs and sinks, but anywhere that water tends to settle for long periods of time. If leaves prevent rain from seeping through, that means that the water can sit in that leaf pile and collect bacteria. This can bring a number of problems, from mold growth and insects to larger bugs attracted to water.

JDW Quality Landscape & Design can take care of your leaf cleanup services in Annapolis, MD so that you don’t have to worry about any of that. If you don’t want to deal with bugs or pests in your leaves, give us a call.

The service was outstanding. I got a personal plan developed that met my needs and budget.

Raleigh J. in Severn, MD

Call today to experience the JDW Quality and Design difference! Find out why “Quality” is our middle name!

Lose the leaves in Annapolis, MD

Lawncare isn’t just for houses, because many businesses have a yard that needs to be cleared throughout the year. How your business appears from the street can affect the number of potential customers that walk through the door, so it’s important to get your leaf pickup in Annapolis, MD and get your landscaping needs taken care of.

As mentioned before, though, it’s not always leaves that need to be maintained. Our vast array of tools and training gives us the expertise to handle tree removal, large numbers of fallen branches, or just a stump. Whatever you need, we can handle it and make your yard look pristine again.

leaf removal in glen burnie md

There’s a reason that JDW Quality Landscape & Design, LLC has been the top-rated in a number of lawncare services for years, so why wouldn’t you give us a call today and let us prove it? When it comes to leaf removal in Annapolis, MD, you want the best so don’t wait to get a free quote and let us take it from there!



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