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Retaining Wall Installation in Glen Burnie, MD

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Secure Retaining Walls in Glen Burnie, MD

Whether this is your first time or you’ve had retaining walls installed before, you may not realize how often you see them. Businesses, highways, and backyards can all benefit from retaining walls.

That’s because their purpose is to keep back soil and runoff that would destroy features in your yard. Without walls, your new garden could be flooded or be eroded away over time.

In fact, garden retaining walls in Glen Burnie, MD are one of the most-common uses for homeowners. They create and regulate elevation for landscaping.

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Hire a Pro For Retaining Wall Installation in Glen Burnie, MD

Your garden isn’t the only thing in danger of loose dirt or flooding, because anything from the patio to the fire pit can be affected. A current trend among homeowners is gardening and landscaping, so retaining walls have never been more important. Of course, that also means a lot of people are tempted to do things themselves.

Thanks to online tutorials, we understand wanting to install your own retaining walls. However, there are a lot of local codes for retaining walls that you might not know and they’re enforced by the city. Improper retaining walls can mess up the city’s drainage system or fail to do anything for your yard, so we always recommend hiring a professional.

It’s not as simple as pushing a wall into the dirt, because there are a lot of things that a retaining wall expert needs to know. For example, we have to figure out how much water a wall can handle as it collects and how to drain that water away. We’ll also check your yard and property for signs that a deep frost footing will be needed.

There’s a lot that goes into retaining walls in Glen Burnie, MD and we’re familiar with all kinds of situations. Let us put our knowledge and know-how to work for you by calling 443-QUALITY today!

You've Got options for Retaining Walls in Glen Burnie, MD

Another thing you might not know is that you’ll have a lot of choices with your retaining walls. Some of the most-common types we work with are:

  1. Piling wall
  2. Anchored wall
  3. Gravity wall
  4. Cantilever wall

Of course, you’ll also have a choice of materials. Brick and stone are the most common, but some homeowners like the aesthetic of wood or even concrete retaining walls. Whatever material you decide on, we’ll make our recommendations to get you the most out of your walls.

We want you to know your options and be able to make suggestions to help, so call us at 443-QUALITY today! We’ll make sure to maximize the results of your retaining wall installation and keep your landscaping safe!

The service was outstanding. I got a personal plan developed that met my needs and budget.

Raleigh J. in Severn, MD

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