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Published: 05/28/2021

Whether you’ve been planning it since you moved in or want to add to your home’s value, landscaping is a great way to do it. A landscaper can boost your curb appeal, organize your lawn design, and help with features that will increase how much your home can sell for.

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First Impressions

First impressions are everything for some people and prospective home buyers are no different. The first thing they see, in this case, is your yard so why wouldn’t you want to put your best foot forward and make sure that your lawn has the best curb appeal?

A survey done by Homelight showed that “94% of top agents said that great curb appeal equals money in your bank account at closing.” Buyers might be dissuaded by patchy grass, dying plants, or drooping trees.

If you’re trying to sell your home, think of what you’d want to buy. A lush, green yard with beautiful flowers and vibrance says the house was taken care of, which is what you want buyers to think about your home.

And if you buy the home, consider planting a few trees – not only is it good for the Earth, but as we’ll talk about next month, having the right trees in your yard can increase the likelihood that future buyers see your home as desirable.

Features For the Backyard

Of course, plants aren’t the only thing that goes into curb appeal. Especially with the back yard, there are several structures and features that you can install to boost value. However, don’t do anything until you’ve planned it out.

A solid strip between your grass and mulched flower garden can look great in the front, whether that strip is bricked off or forms a stone path. One important thing to keep in mind when choosing plants is to go with flowers people recognize.

The average home buyer doesn’t want to adopt 20 plants they have to research and just wants something that looks nice. Again, colors attract the human eye and the arrangement can be the difference between interest and walking away.

As for the backyard, here are some common structural additions that add to a home’s value:

  1. A patio or deck with chairs for a sitting area is a solid investment because, whether it’s a family or hosting a party, everyone likes to relax together.
  2. Installing a flower bed adds color and fresh scents to your yard.
  3. You might think about creating a walking path through your yard. Feel free to get artistic with it, but plan for it to circumvent your features.
  4. Benches or sitting rocks are great for taking a break and enjoying nature.
  5. Fences are important, whether it’s a privacy fence or the latticed structure with flower vines hanging on it.
  6. Don’t forget lighting, because a nice standing lamp or hanging string lights can give a magical aura to the right buyer.

According to Bankrate,  you should “only install a fire pit, outdoor kitchen or water feature if you want them because you likely won’t recoup your money.” Instead, consider adding a chiminey or a small fountain. The golden rule is to keep things simple when selling.

Keep it Simple

A lot of this goes into planning because “an amateur can get a professional-looking landscape for $500 to $3,000 worth of plants and materials,” based on homeguides.com. A handful of recognizable flowers in your garden are better than a cluttered mess of 100. 

Above anything, though, a maintained lawn will make or break your curb appeal more than anything else which is why a professional landscaper is so useful. Trimmed bushes, mowed, lush grass, and healthy trees are a huge difference.

A rule of thumb to follow is to install things that are universal, because trends come and go. A certain design may be cool now, but what if you sell in 10 years? Plus, again, a nice yard is reflective of a well-kept home.

Before you sell...


While you certainly can add value to your home without help, it’s always a good idea to have a second opinion from a certified landscaper. Not only can they add a last-minute touch-up worth thousands to your home’s value, but they might come up with a few ideas beforehand.

Whatever you decide to go with, plants take time to grow. If you want that valuable curb appeal make sure to plant early, come up with a plan,keep it simple, and maintain your lawn care whether that’s with a landscaper or through hard work.

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