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Crucial Spring Cleanup Maintenance Tips for Commercial Landscaping

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Get Ready for the Spring Busy Season!

If you loved our previous blog post on Long Term, and Low Maintenance Landscaping, then today’s post is likely to strike your fancy, too. 

Published: 01/05/2021

Wes, the owner of JDW Landscape & Design, said “I certainly love working with our commercial landscaping clients. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction I get when I’m out driving around with friends, or family members… and being able to say ‘we handle the commercial landscaping maintenance on this property.’ When they go on to compliment how nice it looks, that’s how I know my crew is doing a great job maintaining the property.”

One thing everyone is still adapting to is the changes that COVID-19 has brought to our lives. Nobody can say how it’s going to impact our lives tomorrow… we could be on another lockdown, or we could be back to “business as usual.” After the year we all experienced in 2020… and with everyone being cooped up inside all winter… we expect the spring season of 2021 to be busier than ever, even if people are visiting your property with masks on and social distancing in effect. 

So, even though it’s January, we thought we’d put together this guide to help you get ready for spring!

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"Mother Nature Never Takes a Break"

Whenever we handle a new commercial landscape installation, we take long term maintenance into consideration. It’s always our goal to minimize the amount of effort and resources needed by our clients to maintain their property… but mother nature never takes a break.

Our top recommendation to have a smooth transition into spring… is to start your spring cleanup ahead of time. With pre-spring cleanups, we’ll haul away any debris that’s begun piling up on lawns or around bushes and trees. This will not only keep your property looking pristine during the winter months, but helps to expediate the spring cleanup process come March first!

Post Season Property Inspection

Whether we’re onsite for that pre-spring cleanup, or regular spring-time services, we always inspect your property thoroughly. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve found damaged signs, parking blocks, and lights when we get onto the property after the winter. There’s a lot that takes place over the winter months, including snow maintenance, and this is when these things get damaged.

By inspecting the property for any unnoticed damage we can stay ahead of big problems that may otherwise creep up on us. One client had a damaged sprinkler head that would have likely caused serious challenges with the lawn, but we were able to detect it and institute a quick irrigation repair service to get everything back in line, preventing those future difficulties.

And that’s the beauty of a post season property inspection – it not only helps ensure your landscaping looks beautiful for your customers, but also helps you stay ahead of pesky problems before they get out of control.

Look Over Shrubs & Trees

The transition from the final winter month into spring really is the best time to get out there and take a close look at your shrubs, bushes, and trees. Many of them have dropped a lot of leaves and their branches are now clearly exposed. This is the perfect time to see if there is any undesired growth or damage.

You’ll not only be able to see everything a lot easier, but you’ll also be able to get access to those branches that do need your attention. It’s a great time to remove dead stems by trimming them back to where fresh growth is visible. And, since you can actually see them, now, this is a great opportunity to eliminate any crossing stems.

Another solid reason for inspecting your shrubs and trees is to inspect for damage from pests and diseases. Again, since you’re better able to see the entirety of the tree, you’ll be in a better position to inspect everything thoroughly. The winter months give you a great opportunity to spot fungal diseases like powdery mildew – your trees can and will exhibit signs of infection even though the fungus may be dormant.

And, if you’ve looked around our site at all, you’ll know that we absolutely love evergreens. It’s a great time to check your Douglas-firs for signs of rhabdocline needle cast, which causes discoloration, blight, premature needle shedding, tree disfiguration, and is easily spread between your trees. Implementing treatment (and sadly, sometimes removal) is an integral pre-spring and spring cleanup tree service we recommend.

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Lawn Cleanup & Mulching

Fall cleanup services definitely help to keep your property in good shape between November and March, but leaf litter and debris will still continue to accumulate. A quick pre-spring cleanup planned in January or very early in February ensures your property looks its best, especially on lawns, walkways, and garden areas. 

We usually gather up and remove a significant amount of loose twigs during these cleanups, as well – the cold weather makes it a lot easier for them to drop, since there are no leaves on the branches.

We also recommend winter mulching, which may sound like a strange concept to many of our readers. One challenge we face in the northeast is the risk of early thaws. When we have an uncharacteristically warm day your plants may come out of dormancy. If the weather then returns to freezing it can cause serious damage.

A thick layer of mulch will prevent the sun from thawing out the ground prematurely during these warmer days. By keeping the ground frozen your plants will remain dormant, and you’ll avoid unnecessary losses and setbacks.

Spring is The Best Time for annual Enhancements

We certainly don’t recommend installing new plants and trees during the winter months. Obviously the frozen ground just makes it virtually impossible. Planning for your spring enhancements and additions during your pre-spring cleanup is a great idea. 

Most people only think about what changes they want to make to their landscaping while everything is in full-bloom. The old adage “out of site, out of mind” really applies here. When you think about new enhancements in July or August you’ll have to remember what you want until Spring time. 

Sure, you can always let us know right away and we’ll be certain to put it on the calendar (we won’t let you forget). But taking a moment to re-evaluate and adjust spring plans during your pre-spring cleanup will go a long way when it comes to making the best choices.

Conclusion and Free Guide

These are just a few tips and ideas. Every property is different, and so are their maintenance requirements. Implementing a pre-spring cleanup into your maintenance routine is one of the most efficient ways to improve your landscape maintenance routine throughout the year. It helps you find problem spots, improve the health of your plants, and plan for the upcoming spring season.

If you would like to schedule a pre-spring cleanup, or have any questions about anything mentioned in this blog post give us a call! You can reach us by dialing 443-QUALITY, or scroll down and use the form below.


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