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Published: 02/02/2021

The internet’s a great place to find information about gardening at home. If you love plants as much as we do, then we’re sure you’re eager to roll your sleeves up and get dirty this spring! Why not find some inspiration with these 17 blogs that we absolutely love!?

17 blogs for gardening enthusiasts

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An Oldie but a Goodie

1. Ewa In the Garden

Here’s one from the archives – while she doesn’t seem to be too active anymore, we’ve had Ewa in the Garden’s blogspot site bookmarked for as long as we can remember. One of the best parts about this blog? Her photos!

Her most recent post, 7 Tips How to Improve Your Garden Style – DIY – is a great example of the great eye she has for beautifying your outdoor spaces!

Gardening in Small Spaces (Urban Gardening)

2. Urban Gardens

Urban Gardens is maintained by Robin Plaskoff Horton, and is a great blog for anyone who doesn’t have a yard big enough to accommodate their green thumb. We absolutely love her most recent post on choosing the best container garden pot for each plant, so be sure to check it out!

3. Garden in a City

If you’re looking for more information to get started gardening in small spaces, check out Garden in a City. Jason and Judy are an interesting, intelligent couple sharing their stories gardening in a small space a mile north of Chicago. It’s a great site, as Jason has a flare for the plants, while Judy provides amazing photos.

Oh yeah, they have a sense of humor, too.

4. Weeding Wild Suburbia

Weeding Wild Suburbia is a whimsical blog recalling the author’s memories of her favorite childhood hideaway and her attempts to recreate that natural, yet manicured look. Her writing as a joy to read, and the information is top notch. Check out this post if you’ve ever wondered what to do with all of that “green waste” in your garden. 

Into Homesteading, too?

5. 5 Acres and a Dream

5 Acres and a Dream is maintained by Leigh, where she chronicles her journey’s conquering a 5-acre homestead with her husband Dan. What’s amazing is that she’s been consistently posting here since 2009, so you can really follow along and see everything take shape. Her most recent post on January Blooms is awesome, so be sure to check it out. 

6. Empress of Dirt

When we mentioned we were writing this post, our friend recommended Empress of Dirt! While it’s not entirely focused on gardening and landscaping, there is a ton of great info that’s relevant. We really liked this post on building your own nesting box for the back yard!

7. An Oregon Cottage

An Oregon Cottage is a blog of a slightly different flavor, focused on helping you live a simple, homemade life. We see nothing wrong with that philosophy, and if it feels right to you, too, we recommend checking out the whole website. If you just want the gardening tips, the organic gardening section is full of information.

Blogs with Stories we Love

8. Garden Therapy

From Canada, Stephanie brings us Garden Therapy. She has an amazing story and is still very active. Her philosophy? 

“I believe that anyone can feel immediate benefits from spending a short while outdoors, digging in the earth and connecting with all that gardening brings.” 

Check out her recent post on the best perennials to plant in your garden.

9. Garden Rant

Wanna see something else pretty cool? Check out the manifesto over at gardenrant.com – this website brings you real gardening by real people. There are a ton of authors contributing to the website, but the majority is provided by three authors:

Book mark it and take a look when you get a chance! We’re sure you won’t be dissapointed.

10. Gardening Gone Wild

And, since we’re focused on sites that are made up by interesting people with interesting stories and philosophies, we might as well bring up Gardening Gone Wild. They say, we are a passionate and eclectic group of gardening professionals: authors, photographers, journalists, broadcasters, designers, teachers, speakers, and artists.e write about garden design, garden photography, garden musings, and succulents.

11. Growing the Home Garden

Growing the Home Garden is a really cool blog and YouTube channel maintained by a stay at home dad! Check out his adventures in the garden and teaching his 5 children to do the same! 

12. Growing the Home Garden

Benjamin Ranyard is passionate about flower seeds, and claims he sells the best flower seeds this side of Alpha Centauri. We haven’t personally used them, but we’re absolutely certain he knows his stuff based on this article about planting hardy annuals in late summer

Blogs We Couldn't Categorize

13. Savvy Gardening

SavvyGardening.com is an amazing website maintained by three noteworthy authors, Jessica Walliser, Niki Jabbour, and Tara Nolan. You’ll love their most recent post on New Zealand Spinach (ever heard of it?) and we’re sure you’ll find tons of helpful information, so be sure to bookmark this one! 

14. Ledge and Gardens

Authored by Layanee DeMerchant, we’re sure you’ll love Ledge and Gardens. Her most recent post shows how Sweet Peas can bring beauty to your home for months on end, first in the garden, and eventually in vases. Take a look, we’re sure you’ll love it.

15. Get Busy Gardening

Amy Andrychowicz authors getbusygardening.com, where she talks about her passions -growing perennials, annuals, tropicals, vegetables, houseplants, succulents and even water gardening… both indoors and outdoors! We love the beginners gardening section. We also really love her tips on Foundation Planting, which not only falls in line with many of our recommendations, but is also reflective of a few recent projects we’ve completed!

16. A Way to Garden

Don’t have time for all this reading? Margaret Roach has a really cool radio show in Connecticut, that you can also listen to via her podcast. She’s also the head gardener and author at A Way to Garden, and she really knows her stuff! Check out this post on cold frames to see what we mean. 

stairs and retaining wall glen burnie md (during)

17. Our Favorite Blog of All

Last but not least, is our very own Facebook page. We regularly provide informative blog posts, seasonal tips and reminders, and provide landscaping services to residential and commercial clients in the Baltimore metro area… so it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about landscaping.

 One of our most recent posts, long-term and low-maintenance solutions, is full of ideas to help you plan your landscaping and garden so it’s easy and affordable to maintain for years to come. Be sure to like our page to so you don’t miss any of our comment, and let us know  in the comments below your favorite gardening blogs!


You’ll find valuable information and useful tips on all of these resources, whether you’re a seasoned gardener with a green thumb, or a beginner with big dreams. Be sure to like our page on Facebook to stay up to date with all of our latest posts, tips, and specials!


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